The Art of becoming and artist
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A book about

the extraordinary journey of getting to your creativity.


"The Art of Becoming An Artist" is a non-fiction book about the extraordinary, surprising, and joyful journey of finding your way to your own creative universe.

Every artist I have ever known or heard about, has faltered at some point in pursuit of their art. Call it what you will. Blocks, obstacles, hitting the wall, tossing your painting in the ocean, shredding your manuscript; we have all stumbled at some point. We have all shut down. Failed to produce. Failed to create.

And it's awful when it happens. Being an artist can be the most enchanted life imaginable. And the most tormenting.

This book is based on the concept that creativity is unique to each individual, so it is designed to help artists discover the myriad astonishing factors – personal history, cultural, educational, political, societal, psychological – that both enhance, and interfere, with their own creativity.

Becoming an artist is a personal journey that only the artist can take. It is extraordinary, and unique, profoundly complex and fascinating, but utterly personal.

There is no 'Right Way' to get to one's art. There is only 'YOUR' way.

Finding that way is every artist's goal.

"The Art of Becoming An Artist" is about discovering and making that journey, and reaching that goal.

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