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This Is A List Of Where, What, And When...

I’ve done these artists’ programs for every kind of creative being – writers, painters, musicians, performers, and on…

This Is A List Of Where, What, And When...

This unique artists’ program has been tremendously successful

Over the last eighteen years I have given my courses on “The Art of Becoming an Artist”* almost one hundred times.  Some of these creative art programs and artists’ courses have been specialized for established professional artists of almost every different kind, while others were for other creative professionals such as therapists, college instructors, computer game designers, entrepreneurs, and school counselors.

 I’ve given this creative arts program to individuals trying to survive terrible illnesses in their family, and children wanting to spend time in their imaginations.

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Any Art. All Art.

What is an artist?  I’ve included, just for starters: writing, painting, dancing, sculpting, weaving, photography, acting, comedy, music, animation, graphic arts, computer game design, architecture, landscape design, quilting, people from all aspects of the film industry (remember, I’ve lived in Vancouver, ‘the Hollywood of the North’…), cooking, interior design, and so on, and so on, and so on.

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I’ve done these creative art programs, courses for writers, courses for every creative being, in colleges (e.g., Langara Community College, Vancouver Community College, Florida Keys Community College), universities (e.g., Capilano University, University of British Columbia), community centers, social service organizations (e.g. Family Services of British Columbia), businesses (including Electronic Arts – EA – one of the largest computer game designers in the world), non- profits, women’s programs, libraries, hospitals, art supply and workshop centers, writers’ conferences, adult summer camps, online, and even a tropical gated retreat.  Many of these programs have been given as private courses in my home and in my enchanted garden.

The courses have been an astonishing journey for many of the participants.  But no one more so than me.  Developing the course and writing the book, The Art of Becoming an Artist, helping solve those creative blocks, have been some of the greatest gifts of my existence.

*These programs have been done under a variety of names including:  Finding Your Creative Voice, Finding Your Creative Source, Getting Past the Blocks, Discovering the Writer Within, Writing – The Other Word for Adventure, Finding Your Writer’s Voice, The Creative Therapist, The Creative Therapeutic Voice, Writing the Road Inside, Connect. And, of course, The Art of Becoming an Artist!

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This Is What Some People Think Of It All…

NOTE FROM DARI: Many of these quotes are comments made by students on anonymous course evaluations.

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Being an artist can be the most enchanting life imaginable – and the most tormenting. Finding your way to your own creative universe is an extraordinary and infinitely surprising journey. Still, every artist falters at some point. Call it what you will: blocks, obstacles, hitting the wall, tossing your painting into the ocean, or shredding your manuscript – we have all stumbled, we have all shut down.

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A book about...

The extraordinary journey of getting to your creativity.

“The Art of Becoming An Artist”  is a non-fiction book about the extraordinary, surprising, and joyful journey of finding your way to your own creative universe.

Every artist I have ever known or heard about, has faltered at some point in pursuit of their art. Call it what you will. Blocks, obstacles, hitting the wall, tossing your painting in the ocean, shredding your manuscript; we have all stumbled at some point. We have all shut down. Failed to produce. Failed to create.